Use temp value status from app

I have a heat exchanger and a app installed in my Homey. The app shows a lot of different values and status. I tested Temperature Monitor but that app does not show anything from the heat exchanger which leads me to believe that the app does not report it in a format that is standard for Homey. I would like the temperatures in Homey Dash and also in my Google Nest to be actual temperatures. Is there a way to retrieve values from the app and in some way convert it so that it is reported as default in/outdoor temperature?

Lets start with given more information, before anyone really can help you.

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For testing purpuses, create a flow:
When (flow) this flow was started
And (logic) A variable is equal to … (make sure its this one, otherwise you’ll miss some results later)

then when you add the and clause, and you select a tag or variable you want to test for, a screen opens with all values that all device export. Scrool to the device you need. The green ones are text, the orange ones are boolean, the blue ones are numerical). There you can see if the values are there and the types are what you expect:

I get nothing when trying to add an item :confused:

Acutally now I found it. Just me beeing stupid. So what would the next step be? I need to set an “item”… but what item?

Next step would be to e.g. create a virtual device and a flow that copies the values to that virtual device when the source value changes. That is assuming you have stuff like temperatures as a numerical tag available? There are more topics on the forum on how to use virtual devices to show values in Homeydash, so the information is there if you search.