Show temperatures on the mobile app (Tablet view)


I just can’t find the info anymore,
I have a load of temperature sensors, only in the mobile app (and now the tablet view), you see the temperature device but you have to actually click on it to get the temperature values.
There is “temperature monitor” app but its a few clicks away from the mobile app frontend

Any ideas how to have the app (tablet view) front page showing temperatures?


did you try ?

Yes, and homeydash works fine

I was more trying to see if the new tablet mode from homey was usable :thinking:

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No as usual Athom is missing completely what we have been asking for for several years :slight_smile:

Not sure how hard it can be to allow tempersture sense value to be printed on the button.
Developers of the apps are saying that Homey is blocking them to do this.
We know the actual UI supports it since thermostat can do it for example.

Also apps like Hue can change colors and other things so all parts are there to make cool stuff if they allowed the app developers.

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The only workaround is to use:

  1. a virtual device of type thermostat
  2. push the temperature of the temperature sensors
  3. every minute with a flow
  4. to the variable target_temperature of the virtual device (thermostat)

Great workaround!
Disadvantage for me is the temperarure range is from 4 to 50 degrees, why not from 0 - 50 ? Wanted to use it for min. temperature in the refridgerator, goes down to 3 or 3.5*.

Is this also the case with measure_temperature ?

measure_temperature can be lower as 4, but that value is not visible directly on the icon.

Ah, ok.

i might have missed a point, not temps on the icons, did i chose the wrong virtual device icon?

In the upper window you need to enter: target_temperature

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uglyy, but it works!

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The color is depending on the differents between the values of target_temperature and measured_temperature, you can experiment with that.

In addition you can set the variable mode (cooling, heating). Then the color will change into blue/orange.

Sorry that’s the flow in german, but I think it’s clear what I mean.

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