See all actual temperatures in 1 overview


Is there a way to see all temperatures of all my devices that measure temperature in 1 overview?
Kinda like the battery overview in battery monitor app. ?

Hi Jeroen.

Thank you for showing me this cool feature, didn’t know it existed.
But not very practical for my purpose.
I wan’t a quick overview of the current temperature (differences) of the devices.

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Just build an app for you:


Harrie, your the best.

When do you expect it to be visible at the apps site for my Homey?

You can install it via CLI already.

Needs some more polishing before I can send it to the app store (images, etc).

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Sorry, new to Homey (less then 2 weeks now). How do I install through CLI?
Is there some kind of documentation somewhere?

When released to the app store, would I need to uninstall first, or will it update automatically?

I was just reading that article (google is a good friend). It is rather technical, so I will dive into it when at home.

Would I need to uninstall through CLI as well, when released in the Store?

No, when the app becomes available in the store it will just override your manually installed version when you install the app via the store.


I will alpha test it this evening, when returning home from work.

Works like a charm! Thanks :slight_smile:

Perfect idea :ok_hand:t2:

@HarriedeGroot , thank you, thank you, thank you, your app works, indeed like a charm, and works exactly as expected.


I’ve submitted a version to the app store. Waiting for approval from Athom.


Version 2.0.1

  • Set target value
  • Live updates
  • Read units from capability info


Would it be possible to add the default weather temperature?

What is the ‘default weather’?

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This one, from weather.
It is also visible on the insights page.