Use Sonos app to play a file from cifs/nfs share

I tried to find this in the forum and Google but no luck, so here goes.

In my Vera Edge I’ve been able to play any file from my NAS storage using my Sonos system. The format of the URL in this case was “x-file-cifs://”

Can I do something like that in Homey, by using Play URL in the Sonos app?
If so, what is the format of the URL when using a local NAS storage?

This has been a great feature over the years, having messages for the kids in the morning reminding them about the bus. I even played the weather forecast in Sonos using Google TTS with the forecast in text from Wunderground.

Try cifs:// (or nfs:// No idea if it’s going to work, but x-file-cifs seems something specific to Vera.

On the old Sonos system, I use:
Play URL

Tried that, but anything else than http:// causes error “stream url unsupported flow”.

So in this example the IP is your NAS or where the doorbell.mp3 is located?

Actualy it is the address of the MiniWebserver app on my Homey

Sounds like a limitation of the Sonos app. But it does point to a solution: make your files available over HTTP.

Like in a public folder.