Use Homey to update a DDNS w/ an IP from a separate network

I want to sent a dedicated IP address to a linked ip to update a ddns service. Now, this WAN IP is in a separate network from Homey, so I can’t use http get (via Logic card). Is there a way to send this IP explicitly to the link?

Isn’t that entirely dependent on the DDNS service that you’re using?

I just want to send an IP address to a specific link like here

except that the IP is from a different network.
And: I would update it manually. Like write the IP explicitily somewhere and then trigger the update

This isn’t going to work like this, because from what I can find, it’s not possible to pass the correct IP address in the URL (NextDNS determines the “linked IP” from where the HTTP request is coming from).

But this document states that you can configure a DDNS hostname instead. So you can, for example, use Duck DNS to create a new DDNS hostname, use that DDNS hostname in your NextDNS configuration, and use a HTTP request to update DuckDNS with the correct IP address.

FWIW, this all is unrelated to Homey.

Yeah, I see … I was just wondering if I can trick the procedure and send an explicit IP address via Homey …

The Homey cloud version doesn’t support logic, does it?

I think it does, although I’m not sure if it supports making HTTP requests (but that’s irrelevant since it’s NextDNS that doesn’t support what you’re trying to do, not Homey).

hmm, this works for me though (in the other network)

So you have two Homey’s, one in location A and one in location B, and you want to set the linked IP of NextDNS from location A to point to the IP-address of location B? Remember, I don’t have a crystal ball, so you have to explain everything…

you’re right. let me explain: I have 2 [A,B] networks (with different WAN IPs) in one location. On network [A] I got an old Homey Pro. I’m using this one to update the IP address for NextDNS. That works.

Now, I also want to use (this) Homey (if possible) to update NextDNS for the other network [B], for that I need to send B’s WAN IP, which is different from [A]. Make sense?

Yes, it makes sense now :sweat_smile: But why can’t you update NextDNS from network [B] directly?

it’s a guest network, and I haven’t running anything there…

In that case, the only solution that I can see will be the one that uses an external DDNS provider, as I mentioned before (unless you’re using a router that can be set up to retrieve the NextDNS URL from the correct WAN IP).

the router (eero) has nextDNS IP4/IP6 set but it seems it needs to get its WAN IP on top to work…

What I meant is that some routers have DDNS configuration options where they can be configured to periodically make an HTTP request to a DDNS provider, which is basically what you need.

It looks like eero supports this as well, but only if you subscribe to Eero Plus?

Wow, a router that unlocks its features only if you pay a subscription fee. Another brand I will never buy :thinking:

no way, here, I mean on eero :frowning:

  • I tried the duckdns pathway. But had no luck so far on NextdNS

I’ll check if Homey Cloud’s Logic supports the http request, I could set this up, once I’m there. You need Premium for this Logic card

Ok, I think I need to go there to set it up