Google agenda link

Since last week I was using domoticz.
Some flow was working some day and not the other according data from my Google agenda.
With a Google script I was updated some on/off button according the Google agenda

It is possible with homey to update a switch with a http link?


You can use HTTP request flow cards for that.

Hi ok if you send it from homey box but what is the exact format of http link to update from outside the homey box a switch ?

You can send a link to Homey: http://your-homey-ip/api/app/com.internet/poetsen


sorry, i am not a specialist !

I have checked :

with result

{“code”:401,“error”:“not_logged_in”,“error_description”:“You need to log in to access this resource”}

What I wan tot do it’s send this kind of url from outside to upade a on/off switch


best regards