Http request App - how to sent a command to Domoticz

I am able to extract data from my Domoticz installation running on my NAS, via the http request App.

As an example:


Now, I am trying to sent a command from Homey to Domoticz. Goal is to to flip a virtual switch in Domoticz via a flow in Homey :slight_smile:

Via a browser, these command works:
where IP:PORT point to the Domoticz installation on my NAS and XX the ID of the Domoticz device.

I can’t get it to work in a flow, using the PUT cards. Can this be done? Which card do I use?

It doesn’t work wit the domoticz app? :wink:

anyways. As far as I know you need to use GET requests instead of PUT.

As all info is in the url itself, shouldn’t it just be a “get”?

Indeed it’s a get request.

Thanks guys! Got it to work. I had 2 ‘issues’… I indeed was using PUT instead of GET, but also the copy / paste did not work correctly. The & in the code caused a problem. After correcting these two, al works fine!

Yes, I could use your App. This was just a small test on getting this to work with a dummy switch in Domoticz :slight_smile:

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