Send a http POST url


Think it’s a very easy solution but I still haven’t work. What I need to communicate with a other system, to start a action, is to send a http post command. I have the http request flows but it seems to complicated in order what I need to send:


So no body’s or other values. Just a http POST command.

Any suggestions how I can get it work?

Thanks in advance!

There’s a THEN card “Logic > Make an HTTP request”

Thanks for your quick reply.

Correct, seen that option but I need to fill in header and body. Is that correct or do I need to ‘cut’ the url?

Just leave them empty.

Can remember that these fields need to be filled in on the browser panel, now on the mobile version it seems to be alright!

Let’s try to connect. But so far so good, thanks!

I needed to create a user and password to get it work. New I tried http://user:password@192.168 etc and also with https:// without succes. What is a (common) way to put credentials into a webhook or otherwise?

Thanks for the help!

You need to know how the recipient is reading your auth data.
If it’s BasicAuth, you can try to add a HeaderField field like
Authorization: Basic [base64]
Where [base64] is the Base64 ecoded text with content user:password or perhaps plain text, dependent on the recipient logic.
Reference: Authorization - HTTP | MDN

If the server supports basic authentication, http://username:password@192.168.etc will also work, provided that both username and password are properly URL-encoded.