Http request stopped working overnight

Posted in the Dutch section, but think I will get more response if I cross post in English too :wink:

I log my water / gas / electricity data from my smartmeter via Domoticz. This data is also used in Homey; I use the http request App. This has worked flawlessly for months, till this morning…

I get the error:

Schermafbeelding 2023-05-05 om 10.24.21

The URL works, and shows this content:

The JSON path I use is: $.[result][0][Data]

The Better Logic variable is: Actueel € Gas (bll)

What could be wrong??

My guess is an issue with Better Logic.


Man, you are fast!

I removed the BL variables in the flow card and added it again. Now it works!

Thanks @robertklep

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