Help with HTTP request

Hello all,

I would like to trigger a flow with an http request card.

I use the following address for this:

When I respond to the request in my internet browser, it says “ok”

Only the flow is not started.

If I test the flow, it just works.

What am i missing here?

Thanks for the responses.

Greeting Weslop

Can u also try this without the capital T at Toezichtuit?

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Even with a small t the flow does not start.


Can u show screenshots from ur flows?

And to check, did you replace ‘myathomcloudid’ with your own cloud id?

Yes :relaxed:

Ok, just to be sure :wink:

I’m very interested in your flow(s) then, because it should work.

When I made my first requests, the widget app on my phone automatically used http instead of https, which didn’t work, but I’m guessing you got that covered as well.

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First card should be “toezichtuit” is ontvangen.
Plz try without capital letters.


copy pasted the link from the card, so should be okay.

I’m probably doing something wrong somewhere :sweat_smile:

The first thing ur doin wrong is explained in the post above urs.

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It’s working.

Thanks :pray::pray::pray:

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Jup, what @Rocodamelshekima posted is the solution.

You don’t require the entire link in the logic-card, just the last word (toezichuit)

Edit: Good to hear, enjoy!

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Just to make sure for future reference:
U NEED to only fill in the event in that card, in this case “toezichtuit”. It’s a must!

Very clear now :blush: