Can somebody point me in the correct direction on HTTP request flow cards

I try to collect temperature data from a owserver (one wire data collector) the data is exposed as http://192.168.31/details.xml . There is a partial example of this file below
I try to collect the DS18B20 temperature and put it in a variable called Temp_DS18B20 with the use of this flow. No error but also al my clues for the THEN card are not working. What am I doing wrong?

Try to use this card instead:

Install Better Logic and create the desired Better Logic variables up front.

Note, the “variable” entry is clickable and shows a list of BL variables to pick


think 10 Seconds is too much for Homey, better try > Minutes

Hi gent’s thanks for the remarks. Followed them, but now I have no response and no data.
Is the JSONpath expression correct as in shown the flowcard example? I have tried various possibilities but seem to lack sufficient knowledge on what I am doing
Is it possible to drill down to this temperature from an webbrowser to test the JSON path?

I suddenly thought of an other recent topic, because of .xml
Maybe you can get some ideas from it

To update a Homey Logics variable with HomeyScript, create a NumVar called ‘Temp_DS18B20’ add the following code:

await Homey.logic.updateVariable({id: 'variable_ID', variable: { value: 123 } });
// You can retrieve the Variable ID(s) by pre-running this small command in Homey Script:
// Replace MyVar with your var name
let varName = "Temp_DS18B20"
const logicVars = await Homey.logic.getVariables()
for (var iLogicVar in logicVars){
  if (logicVars[iLogicVar].name == varName)
  log("Variable: " + logicVars[iLogicVar].name + "\nValue: " + logicVars[iLogicVar].value + "\nID: " + logicVars[iLogicVar].id)

Peter, Thanks for your suggestion, I also found the topic you referred to but dit not at all understand how to reform it to my wishes. I will test your proposal and have to start learning HomeyScript after all because I have to import much more values before really making the step from Vera3 to Homey

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