How to use the GET Web logic flow card and retrieve return values

Hi There,

I need help to connect homey to my thermostat.
So I have to communicate through web requests…should be easy…but I’m facing misunderstand regarding the way to use it with homey cards.
So my request is the folowing :
This returns a very simple json with temperature and humidity => here is the complete feedback

My question is : how to extract those 2 values and put them into logic variables.

I also tryed the Http Request app without any chance.

Is there someone to help me ?

Thanks in advance

That’s the app you need to use, though. What exactly did you try?

I try to do this but not sure I’m in the right way.
So when I click on the variable I didn’t reach anything.

Sorry my app is in French

I also tryed to type this in http request app but the variable list still left empty… not completely sure for the path.


The card you’re using requires the Better Logic app. In that app, you need to create a variable (called “variable” in your example).

Alternatively, there’s a “GET JSONpath trigger value” action (“THEN”) card available:

With that card, you can use the same URL and JSONpath expression, and let it execute a trigger (which you can name yourself, let’s say my_trigger).

Then in another flow, you can act on that trigger using the trigger (“WHEN”) card “JSONpath value”:

For that card, you enter the trigger name that you used in the previous step (my_trigger).

The card has a tag for the received value.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the detailed help !
I made it working.

Have a nice evening