Finding internet IP address


I would like my homey to detect the internet address IP number from home.
This would not be needed all too often, but recently my internet provider changed my IP address/name so now i cannot connect from outside of my home to most of the services i would like to. Homey is still available through the app and i would it to tell me what my new home IP is so i know the new address to connect for the camera’s for instance.

I am aware of dyndns for instance, but i already have a homey with internet, script and app capability so there is(should be?) no need for an extra paid service. i just cannot find a plugin/trick to get me the external IP :frowning:

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Google is your friend.

Top two results are packages which can be added to a Homey App if your that way inclinded:

Otherwise existing services for this so you can just use the Homey http request app GET flow every hour and store the result in a variable. Then you will always be able to see it in More -> Logic part of the app.,,

thank you,
what i was basically missing was a service that returns information that could be extracted by the http request app.
i now have 1 flow every hour to get the value and better logic allows a flow to be triggered when a value changes which will inform me via mail with the new information.

would recommend a dyndns service to use a static address ( many router have build-in options to update the dyndns when ip changes )
i use for that connected to my fritzbox ( simple setup & free )

Had before (noip basically). Good service but unless something changed in free plan you have to confirm / click every month on that boring email. Is it still like that?

I’m now on dynu which is fully and without any restriction free service. My full recommendation.

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Here you can find information about an IP address such as country, region, city, postal code, Latitude,

Just bought a Homey and found this post, how are you able to get the http value in to the logic with the http get function.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I set it like in de screenshot


Thanks!! :smiley:

thanks this works great