Home for elderly parents

When I myself got my Homey Pro (early 2019), I placed my old Telldus at my elderly parent’s house to control a few power outlets using Telldus plugs. Now, as Telldus has become greedy and require paid subscriptions, that’s suddenly a rather expensive way just to control their outside lights. The parents are not really technical, so I control and administer everything remotely.

Can anyone recommend a smart alternative solution on what to do if I decided to get rid of the Telldus at the parent’s house?

Is it for instance possible to extend my existing Homey infrastructure to their house using Homey Bridge? If so, one could imagine the possibility for an “emergency button” for them to press if something happens that would alert me at my house.

OR, if I use this as the excuse I needed to buy myself the new 2023 homey pro, I could place the old homey pro at the parents house. If so, will I be fighting an uphill battle maintaining two separate accounts or is it possible to manage both through the same?

Appreciate all your support and recommendations.

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What do you want to achieve? Just smart Plugs? Do you need a remote?

You would need another pro, you can have multiple homeys in your account. You can switch between them.

Sure, if “Button X is Pressed” then “Send Notification to Mobile…”
Maybe this app can be usefull.

See above :slight_smile:

You can use the Homey cloud (+ bridge when you need local protocols) and you don’t need switching accounts, while you are allowed to add 1 Homey cloud instance.
You can switch Homey’s easily in the app

You can use webhooks in addition.