Use centigrade for temperature units in the United States with Homey Pro

I live in the US, however I would like to use centigrade as my temperature units of choice. I don’t see a way of changing the temperature units in the app, or on the web.

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The units are set by location.

It also depends on the app; as a developer, you can configure the units for anything. Because the majority of apps are from europe, they are mostly in the metric and celcius universes.

So I can’t set units independently of location?
That’s kinda ridiculous.

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Can you please specify the used app and device?
Perhaps the developer can clarify if standard settings are used or custom/app specific units.

I’m referring to the regular Homey Android/web app, and I’m using the Honey Pro.

Still, do you refer to the Homey Integrated Weather?

Or do you mean a weather app from the community?

Or is it a AC unit, a thermostat, etc.?

I agree the system wide used temperature unit should be user settable, but also understand Athom’s idea of a user friendly smart home hub, with less stuff for a user to worry about (and put time in), like a gazillion settings.
Their choices can not match with every single individual user.

But you can send a request to Athom support, Homey is not a rigid platform, things can get improved and adjusted when there’s enough users requests, or if it’s just a brilliant idea

And yeah, it all can be as easy as this location settings from an other smart home controller:

Just pick a reasonable default, but allow users to override it if they want to. It’s not very user friendly to have to conform to what Athom thinks is best.

The integrated weather. I also added my Nest thermostat to Homey. I’ve been using centigrade on my Nest thermostat, however when I view the thermostat through the Homey app, it reports the temperature in Fahrenheit. The Google Home app and Nest app conform to my settings of course.

Can anyone provide feedback when Homey will use the domestic location temperature units? I am in the US and had to change my device units to Celsius so Homey would display as Fahrenheit. As I have either dashboards or outputs from my home system, they are now reporting as deg. C.
Or is there a way to easily convert within Homey to display the desired units without managing the output from my devices or other home systems. As these are just numbers, could possibly just provide a pass thru value which any flow would recognize in an algorithm.

Not sure, but this seems relevant info. This is for app builders:



I think your question is a question for Athom support: Support | Homey
In my opinion, not the app builder, but we the users should be able to choose if

  • (external) sensor values are reported in deg. C or in F
  • you want the readings to be in deg. C of in F, not location/language dependent

Thank you Peter. I thought I would post in the community first especially after seeing the number of individuals with similar concerns. I do agree, it should be a Homey parameter selection and I don’t agree with the perception that Homey set the default to make it easier for its perceived core users. I am not a developer and really a very new Homey user. I will submit a support request. Appreciate your continued help.

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If I understand correctly, you want to see temperature in Fahrenheit?
Homey always assumes temperature is in Celsius internally and then converts for display and user input. The problem arises when devices report in Fahrenheit and the app doesn’t convert that to Celsius for storage as then Homey applies the C to F conversion on a F value.
I have just fixed my SmartThings 2 app because of that issue. So, if you find the temperature is messed up then report it to the app developer to fix it.

The issue lies in Homey’s automatic assumption that European customers prefer Celsius, while those in the US favor Fahrenheit. This generalization doesn’t account for individual preferences. The ability to choose temperature units is a fundamental feature, evident in the customizable settings of all major weather applications and both iOS and Android platforms. Incorporating such a basic option wouldn’t complicate Homey; it would enhance user customization and satisfaction.

Agreed. When I’m living in a country where °F is usual, I would still want to be able to see temperatures in °C , just because I like it that way.
Same goes for AM/PM or 24h time display.
These should be a user setting!

How do we influence Homey team to do it? It feels like forever that they didn’t listen to us on this

Send requests to
And posting in the Homey channel @ Slack can alert some devs.