Upgraded to Version 2.0. App crasches

The Homey app on my Huawei P9 crasches everytime I edit or creating a flow and choose “When”. I have tried clear cache and delete data for the app. Reinstalled the app but no solution. Now, when there is no desktop app or web GUI, I´m not able to manage my Homey.

What to do?

I think it’s best to contact Athom Support in this case.

I only find links to knowledgebase or community. Do they have an email for support?


I have a similar problem. Mine is at the end on the “Then” part. When I press “Add card” on that, the app hangs and shuts down. It doesn’t matter if i’m on a previous flow or making a new one. I have tried rebooting Homey, I have reinstalled the app and so on.

App crashes are bugs in the app, and the only way to get them fixed is to let Athom know about them.

Thank you Robert. Where is the correct link to let Athom know about my issue with the app? I found one and it led to some read only archive

Yeah, Athom doesn’t use Github anymore to track issues. Instead, you’re invited to “submit a request” here: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Tested on 4 devices. On 3 of them the app craches. One works. I have made a support case.

Hi Daniel. Have you recieved any support yet? I am down 2 weeks without being able to change or add anything to my Homey :disappointed_relieved:

Hi. Yes athom has tried solve the issue but no success yet. I have signed up for the betaversion of the app.

Please contact our support desk via support.athom.com, this way our support desk can help you with this issue :slight_smile: