Upgrade to homey pro?


I have the Early 2016 edition of Homey. I currently have
2 Aeotec devices
10 Elko Devices
13 fibaro
3 chromecast
6 netatmo
31 Hue Devices
2 ring devices
1 tibber
9 verisure

  • virtual devices, better logic and so on.

I have 21 apps installed. including a few that are not properly activated yet for instance ubiquity doesnt find the host and I have not yet used time to find out why.

I use a hue bridge to access the hue devices. But i have them in Homey so I can use a switch to turn of non-hue devices. I also use ifttt to do some logic and so on.

I have issues mostly it is the elko thermostats (7units) that from time to time disconects themselves. This means that temperature control stops working which means that either the heating bill increases or it gets cold. These I often (not like everyday, but perhapos every few months) need to remove and reconnect.

I automatically restart the homey unit every 12 hours. so that memory leakage isnt a problem. It is about 8 hours since las trestart and the unit says aprox 75& of memoryu is used and about 35% of storage

Before I started automatically restarting the unit frequently it simple went out of memory.

The question is, will i benefit from upgrading to Homey Pro, I do not mind the expense if it becomes more stable and work, but i will be disapointed if an upgrade does not help. I feel that upgrading to a 2 year old device seems a bit underwhelming Ofcourse I know that system eats a lot of memory, and system uses a lot of cpu. the amount it uses does not double when resources increase. but a raspberry pi4 has quadcore 1,5ghz, bluetooth 5, wired network 2,4 or 8 times the memory for a tenth of the cost.I know a raspberry bi do not have z-wave, zigbee and stuff like that. But i am simply talking about the horsepower of the unit. It seems that the homey pro should get an upgrade in performance. that the homey isnt based on a raspberry pi, with spesiality software and antennas, protocolls and stuff in a nice housing is for me something i do not understand.

I have tried to find alternatives to homey as well, but I have not found another ecosystem that have found that i want.

I do see that the business model of Homey is not sustainable. Delievering a primary evolving ecosystem, with development over time and selling hardware for instance every 5 or 10 years leaves a lot of development cost that is unfunded. I see that backup feature is a way to get some money in the longer run, but personally I would welcome real pro feature that costs a bit of money to give insentives to create the best eco system on the market for homey. (even though I do not like subscription models)

Memory leaks are bugs which won’t be solved by upgrading hardware. Granted, with more available RAM is make take longer for it to fill, but in the end it will still fill up. So unless you know what the cause of the memory leak is (or which app), upgrading to a Homey Pro will only do so much.

As for business model: a lot of it is based on charging a premium for the hardware. A similarly specced RPi4 will cost about €80 (including Z-Wave and Zigbee, at consumer prices; I think Homey’s BOM will cost around €60), so there’s a €320 premium you’re paying for a Homey Pro. But Athom also seems to be working on cheaper, more limited, hardware which will probably come with a subscription-based model.