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Update 2.0


I know there are already a few topics started about the new software update and upcoming launch of a new app. Now I am about to reset all my klikaanklikuit devices and lights, but overreading some topics about the new update, I notice that this wil be a master upgrade and you have to reset everything again.

It is a 'soft’way of asking, … would there be an update for Christmas 2018 or are we going to do this just … after New Years eve?

May a senior programmer could respond?


As mention in a lot of other topics about the new V2. Its done when its done… only you can do is be patience.

They be working on the last things what i understand, its better to wait a bit longer then having a new version wich is not ok.

Also mention a lot of times, the dont read along as this a communtie forum. So direct qustions to athom have to be asked directly by going to support.


And this is not the way it should work, probably you will be able to upgrade and keep all Devices , Apps and flows working. Possibly some Apps that are not updated or use rough access will stop but for te majority it should be an normal update (apart from the also often discussed switch to manage it from your mobile. )

Thanks for the mild reply. I already mailed the suppert desk.