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Homey 1.5.3 to 2.0 migration; what to expect or must check?


I am a bit lost, because there is an upgrade, but nowhere is mentioned what I need to perform after the update. I have several apps, including beter logic, countdown, virtual devices, simple log, http requests, …

Do I need to recreate variables?
Do I need to manually check all flows? for missing items?
Do I need to join all devices again?
(presuming the apps I uses are available in 2.0)

What is the best approach here?

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Be aware that the desktop apps and browser web app will cease to work.

Check Homey app store if the apps you use are v2 compatible and if there are any exceptions in functionality.

@robertklep and @johan_bendz both thanks for your answers.

I am still searching for the answers on my questions in my first post.

Would be nice if it was obvious !
Somthing like a V2 check mark !


There’s a thread on this forum that tracks all apps that are v2-compatible (a lot of them are). All Athom-apps should be compatible with v2.

You don’t have to join devices again, variables I don’t know about, and it might be wise to check your flows for missing items, although most of them should be transferred just fine.

Should be but are not necessarily (off the top of my head) :

  • Fibaro Dual switches will only half work, ie. one of the two buttons.
  • Spotify Connect … does not connect
  • Ecobee loose connection after 30 minutes and requires removing the device and re-adding it (every 30 min).

I’ve had more luck with the community apps than Athom.

Based on my personal experience:

1 - No. All my variables are still there (both the built-in and ‘Better Logic’ variables)
2 - No. All my flows are still there and appear to be working as they did
3 - No. All my devices are still there and appear to be working as they did

So from my personal experience:
Just upgrade and everything still works as it did before.

Thanks, that gives the citizen courage (Dutch saying).

Willingly done :wink: