Unwanted geofence

I have two Homeys under the same account.
One at home and one in the vacation house.
If my iOS or Android device is connected to the home Wi-Fi, I can’t access the vacation house’s Homey, and vice versa.
I suggest removing this restriction.

There is no restriction,
Here at Home I can access two guest Homey’s at other locations and at he same time the several Homey’s at my home just by switching in the Homey app between them.

Als away from home i can Access all Homey’s using mobile Internet from my Provider.

Looks like there is something wrong in your own configuration.

Just been to the vacation house where it worked fine to access the the local Homey, but not the home. Back home, the vacation house is still open for management and can be administered. After switching to the home’s Homey and then back to the vacation house’s, only access to the home is allowed.

Worth mentioning: I have two accounts, and the vacation house account can also be managed by the main account.

I have no idea, there is no way for me to see why it doesn’t work on yuur phone.

There is no restriction…

Unwanted geofence

And there isn’t a geofence on managing anything, except from that you can’t PtP yourself, you need someone or something to do that for you.

In what way? What’s the specific error that you get?

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