Double device connected?

Hello to you all,
I have a strange issue, i have an old and a new device connected to the same Homeydevice.
It is possible to chooze but if i want to make a flow Homey will take the first and that is the one that does not work.

Addinge and removing this devive did not solve it.
It seems somewhere “under water” this device is still there.

Anny idea’s how to solve this?


You can search here for device name or anything, to see if there’s a double entry. If so, you can simply delete it by using the ‘bin’ icon

Hi @Peter_Kawa
I already did that, there is onley one device.
deleting this one device deletes both devices in the Homey device list.
Verry strange, seems something unter water is dubble connected.

Ah ok. They share the same ID probably? What if you delete the device and add it as a new device?
Con is you’ll have to fix the affected flows.

Hi @Peter_Kawa

Yes, did that also.
Delete and add it agin.
The same issue back, onze Home device with 2 devices connected…
I have sent a mail to but that is not possible annymore.
Strange thing!

Ah that’s odd indeed. Which app is it you use for this? Maybe it is an app issue.
Then you’d better contact the app developer first.

It is with the official Homeassistant app and withe the community homeassisant app.


Ah I see. Then I guess two devices on HA share the same Entity ID or something like that?