Duplicate devices in Google Home & Assistant

I asked this to AI and didn’t get a satisfactory easy answer. Who else had to deal with this?

I have an Athom Homey domotics controller. I also use Google Home and Google Assistant. Now somehow I have connected the Homey with Google Assistant, or the other way round, and now I have almost all my devices duplicate in Google Home, like two thermostats and every smart lamp double. Explain to me step by step why this is and how I should best go about avoiding this mess. I can’t even tell which is from where, whether it is the original device or the device added by linking the two. I do want to be able to use both Google Assistant and Google Home and also the Homey for controlling devices.

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Hi Nicolas,

I just replied to a similar question in the Dutch forum part. Translated:


You’re not alone in experiencing this issue. When connecting Homey to Google Assistant, duplicate devices often appear in Google Home, making it confusing to control and manage them. This happens due to the way both systems discover and register smart devices.

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