Google home... devices in one big mess from Homey

When I sync my homey pro to my google home account it just throws all the stuff from homey down in the bottom in one big mess.

I already have rooms set op in my google home with a lot of devices, but when I sync Homey it dos not care about anything, I now have a load of double devices and it just dos not seem to be any good.

I have also tried to setup a new home, because I had seen on Homey´s own video that when they connect it to homey then it put everything in to rooms in google home, and it all looks nice, but when I do the same it all just comes in as one big mess.

Hope someone knows what I´am doing wrong here ore is it just another marketing trick from Homey. :blush:

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I’ve had this too, have everything nicely arranged in spaces

Its a shame that it makes a mess in the google home app.

I also had double devices in Google Home because I installed my HUE lights into my Homey by the HUE app and did also install the HUE app in my Google Home. After sync I ended up with twice the amount of lights. Maybe you have a simular situation?

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Sounds like that could be the situation.

Should I remove the hue app from google home, or will that create problems.

I removed my HUE app in the Google home app and all the double lights were gone. But because the lights are still installed in Homey, Google sees them anyway. Worked for me fine! Give it a try.

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Great thanks :slight_smile: