Correct way to connect Philips hue? Different languages causes double groups?

Hey there!

I’m looking to connect my Philips Hue lights and Google Home with Homey. After linking Homey via Google Home, I noticed that none of my lights were showing up in Homey. I’m guessing this is expected behavior, but all my other devices like Chromecast synced just fine.

With the Philips Hue app on Homey I added a new device, selecting “Light” that presented the option to add philips hue bridge.

My phone’s language is set to Norwegian, which affect the language in the Google Home app, a feature I’m not particularly fond of. With Google Home app In norwegian Language and homey in English.

Now, after syncing, I’ve ended up with double the number of lights and duplicate spaces or zones. I have a zone/group for lights labeled “Livingroom” and another labeled “Stue” (Norwegian for Livingroom), and this pattern repeats for every room.

This caused google voice commands to not function at all.

What steps can I take from here? Can I manage and delete rooms directly from Homey? Do I need to delete the Norwegian language rooms in both Google Home and Homey? And how do these platforms sync with each other?

Syncing with Ggl is one way only, only Homey devices appear in GHome