I think Im at a loss?

I am new to Homey Pro, I have added most lights, wall outlets, motion sensors in my various locations And I have synced that with Google Home however prior to getting Homey I had all of my devices already in Google Home and had routines. Now I have several of my devices listed twice, not only that but the Zones in Homey do not match up exactly in Google Home, not sure if that’s going to cause an issue later on.

Should I erase Everything in Google Home in the way of devices and rooms that are already set up and have Google Home mirror that of whats in Homey?

The videos that Homey did 3 years ago are outdated today so offer little assistance :frowning: For example I added a Flow to my favorites in the Homey App but it does not show up in Google Home so I am not sure how to activate it using Google Assistant. Can anyone assist in this just to get me started down the correct path?

Thank you

You should remove your old integration(s) in Google Home, then resync with Homey and make your routines once more.

I did the opposite, so when Homey has a grumpy day, I can still use the Ggl stuff.
Ofcourse I did not remove Homey integration, but moved selected devices to a 2nd ‘home’

@Scott_Hirschman To avoid duplicates, I created a second ‘home’ and moved duplicates there. I called it ‘Not needed’.

Homey and Ghome zones are unrelated and unknown to the ‘other’ platform.
You’ll have to re-create your missing zones in Ghome.

You can start them by adding an action in ‘routines’.
Pick ‘Smart Home devices’ and scroll down to ‘Scenes’. Enter it, it shows your fav flows.

When you want to start fav flows, yell "hey google, start [your_flow_name]

I think it’s easier and clearer to start those flows with a virtual switch.

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That is always a option.

Ok, that is what I have done though I have some more outlets coming tomorrow and Sunday, I will enter those into Homey Pro then synch with Google. I am expecting now that I changed the names of the Rooms on Google to that of Homey Pro “Zones” everything will hopefully match up when I sync. From there I will recreate my flows in Homey Pro and hopefully Google will play nice.

In doing so I unlinked Phillips Hue and Switchbot in Google, not in Homey, hopefully that was the right thing to do?

Thanks for your assistance.

I have some of that gets aggravating though.

Sounds like a good idèa. And Resync Homey->Google Home