Homey created devices still present in google home

Hi, I’ve been having an issue with Google Home. I have several devices created in Google Home through the sync with Homey. The problem is that I have removed some of these devices in Homey and expected upon the next sync to be removed in Google Home, but they are still there. If I look in Google Home at the device info it states ‘connected through: Homey’ and when I try to remove it it states ‘Only owner can remove this device’. It’s like they are zombie devices I can’t get rid of. Any suggestions on how I can solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Remove link with Homey all together and link your account again?

Is it possible that you have connected your Homey account with 2 different accounts over time? I know GH is very reluctant to delete devices if the account that created them at that moment has changed afterwards.