Two Homey/locations against Google Home/Assistant

In my Google Home account I have two home configured. One where I live and one vacation home.
My Homey account includes one Homey for my home and another Homey for my vacation home.

I’m only able to connect one Homey against my Google Home account at the time. Is the only solution to create a new google account for use with my vacation home and connect the vacation Homey to that google account?

You need to use two Google accounts and two Google home devices (mini, home or hub)

Google Account 1: Home 1
Google Device 1 should be in this home.
Connected to first homey.

Google Account 2: Home 2
Google Device 2 should be in this home.
Connect to second homey.

Once this is done. invite Account 1 from account 2 to control home 2.

You now have two homey accounts connected on one Google Home app.

It’s tricky but it works.

Note that you can’t add new devices once the setup is completed, you have to redo the entire connection if you want to add any new device from Homey to Google.

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Thanks, this makes sense and according to my suspicion.

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