Google Home and Homey selected devices

Hi. When I connect Homey to Google Home then all devices in Homey are added to Google Home. I want just a few lamps added to Google Home. It is connect all or disconnect all. Is there a solution?

Remove the unwanted after (??)

A single device from Homey cannot be removed in Google Home afterwards. It is connect all or disconnect all.

In the past I could set a device in Homey to “other” and it will not be added to Google Home. Now all devices are added.

Ah sorry was fast first reaction; based on the fact that I had some speakers which I paired in Google Home showing up in Homey. Those came back to Google Home too. So these ones I removed in Homey indeed.

The devices in Google Home I do not want to see I moved to another ‘house’ in Google Home.

Thanks for the tip. I have added a second house in Google Home and I can move the devices to the other house. Quite some work to move 58 devices one by one. Anyways, this solves my problem.

Dank je wel.

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That’s the “magic” indeed.