Transferring devices from Google Home to Homey

I’m new and this is my first post. I ordered my homey pro on Amazon and it is arriving tomorrow! In the meantime, I would like to ask the community about the best way to manage the transition of my 40+ devices from google home to homey i.e. should I disconnect everything from Google Home and reconnect to homey and finally connect homey to google home? What is the cleanest way to handle the process? At present I have several Yeelight bulbs, a few Philips hue bulbs (2015 version with 1st gen gateway), a few sonoff switches, a chromecast, RIVA Arena speakers (great price/quality ratio) and a few more GU10 lights from other brands compatible with google home. I have a google nest hub and a google mini (1st gen).
Thanks for your feedbacks!

most wifi device doesn’t not require removal from google home to add to homey.
You just have to decide how you want to handle duplicates when adding homey to google home and if you prefer using their native integration or some more specific actions with Homey.

Thank you! Therefore, because I understood that Homey is way more flexible in setting up flows and routines, the best move will be to disconnect all devices (better say apps that control the devices) from Google Home and connect them to Homey. Correct?
Moreover, devices like e.g. the Yeelight bulbs, are directly connected to my router. Should I keep this connection or should I disconnect them from the router and connect them directly to Homey who will then be the sole and exclusive device to be connected to the router itself?