Import from Google Assistant/Google Home

I’m new into Homey, are using Google Home as “main screen” with all the devices. Is it a “quick” step by step program that I can use to import all devices that are allready linked to Google over to Homey Pro, or do I need to reset all devices and sync it directly in to Homey?

If you’re asking if Homey can control devices linked to Google Home then the answer is no. Homey cannot control devices linked only to Google Home. You will need to add these devices to Homey if you want Homey to control them too.

You are not required to reset them or remove them from Google Home in order to do so. But you may get duplicates, one linked directly in Google Home and one synced from Homey. I chose to leave Google Home connected and move one of the duplicates to another Home in Google Home in order to hide it from sight.

If with resetting you mean maybe switching Hue devices from the Hue bridge the Homey: on Homey pro you can pick which Hue ap you want: the one importing devices from the Hue bridge or the one with devices linked directly to Homey. If you chose the latter you do need to reset the device and link it to Homey. Which version you prefer is up to you, there are quite a few topics here debating it and each has its pro’s and con’s. If you own Homey Cloud there’s only one choice and that is the keep using the Hue bridge.