Unstable Zigbee net

I have approx. 80-90 Zigbee units mainly from IKEA. My net is very unstable. Units disappear from Homey all the time. As I understand this is normal with Zigbee. There are a maximum number of units for each router.

My questions are:

-How do I build a maximum stable installation of my Zigbee units?

-I can of cause connect some to my IKEA routers. And connect my router to Homey. Can I use more than one IKEA router together with Homey Pro?

-Is it a good idea to place these IKEA routers at different locations in my home?

-Can I connect remote controls to my IKEA routers and link them to Homey Pro?

No that is not normal, but, it seems to be the case with the Pro 2023 zigbee network of several users.

Also, did you know how 2.4GHz wifi can interfere with your zigbee mesh? Did you tune the channels?
More info here (ignore the first parts)

In my experience battery powered IKEA Zigbee is very unstable, but Hue Zigbee or Aqara Zigbee are (very) stable.

Don’t exactly know why. Seperate IKEA tradfri amplifiers seem to work for a while, but no guarantee for long lasting succes. The Hue Bride in sattelite mode seems to help to, but when a Tradri button stops working it doesn’t help to move closer to either the tradrfri amplifier or the Hue Bridge in sattelie mode.

It appears that my outlet powered IKEA Tradfri is (far) more stable than my battery powered Tradfri.

Hope this helps. If you find a real solution I’m very interested to.