Unstable, offline, unreachable,

Today my homey pro went offline. Why? What can I do? I reboot it sometimes. When it starts led ring is orange all is ok. What to do?

Have you read this post?

I am not a developer, so I probably can help you besides some of the known issues of Homey. But if you post enough information, maybe some on this forum can be of assistance. Just don’t expect them to magically know what’s wrong with your specific Homey without the needed information, that is simply not possible. Most people here are willing to spend their time to help you, but you need to get them started with some info before that can do anything for you.

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I have also “offline” message many times. A reboot has most of the time no effect. When I try it an hour later it is working sometimes again. I get more and more irritated about this. I think it is a bug where there is no active monitoring n the homey, or the back-end could not handle the requests. Also I have disconnects from the devices like for instance the IKEA TRÅDFRI and Xiaomi. Need to delete and then register the devices again to get it working. I also do not understand that the MQTT connection disconnects many times a day while the broker is always online and in the same network. For me the Homey sounds almost to good to be true… I hope there will come improvements or at least an open communication which issues they struggle with.

My homie has been running for a few years now… I rarely reboot my device but I have been getting the message of Homie being offline lately… I just wait and then it comes back online.

No doubt does the Homie device have great potential but it is a rather unstable platform at this point compared with others out on the market. I believe this to be a problem of 3:rd party apps most of the time but never the less… it’s a problem.

My first tip would be to uninstall all apps that you really don’t need… I’m sure there are a few :wink:

I beg to differ, for the simple reason that third-party apps have no control over Homey’s networking. If misbehaving apps can somehow cause network outages, that’s an issue that has to be resolved in Homey’s core (running third-party apps with lower priority than critical core apps/systems, limiting the amount of memory/cpu an app can use, etc).

In my opinion it doesn’t have to be a network outage or a “physical” network problem due to having control over networking. My Homey has it also sometimes while at the same time flows, even with HTML commands and phone push messages, are being handled fine (be it sometimes with a delay.)

Many devices behave the same if they become too busy with core tasks and are not able to handle an incoming request for control.
My Homewizard has it a few times a year (no control but flows work), my NAS also (files accessible but no login), one or two camera’s act the same if they have to send too much pics to the NAS (live image, but no login) and so on.

So an Athom native or 3rd party app that hangs up Homey because of bad programming or a loop can have exactly the same result. Too busy to handle a remote connection and giving an “offline” error.

Yes, my point exactly … the solution should be restriction from Homie core… 3:rd party apps should not be able to make Homie unreachable.

If the device is low on cpu and memory then surely all features will suffer (more or less). So the implications could be negative on network as well…