Unstable fibaro smart implant


I have a fibaro smart implant connected to my garage door. It worked well for about 4 weeks, but the last couple of days it has become very unstable. After 12 - 24 hours it stops responding, and the only thing that seems to work is to unplug it and “reboot” it. I have tried to both test and heal it in the tools page.

Since it is in my garage I though that it might be a signal issue, but I have another battery driven sensor (“Garasjeport sensor”) there which is farther away and always responding. Anbody who have had the same issues, who might know a solution here?

Only if that is also a Fibaro smart implant, I’d expect the distance to be an issue.
Different devices can have different ranges.

Did you replace the battery of the smart implant, just to see what happens?

The smart implant is connected to 230v power supply. But it might be as you say, that the smart implant have a lower range than the door/window sensor that runs on battery.

Oh okay. If it’s mains powered it is indeed odd that it worked fine for about 4 weeks and it suddenly changed. But an extra router between Homey and the Fibaro surely might help!
It’s a pity we cannot view signal strength :hugs:

You say it’s connected to 230V, but I expect you have an adapter in between…? If so, what is its output?

I use an adapter which output is 9V

I also have 2 Smart Implants, but in my case with sensors connected to them. In this setup, 9V is not sufficient, they need at least the maximum of 24V in order to work properly… But my guess is that this is because the sensors are also powered by the Smart Implant, so it might not apply to your situation. But if you get the chance, try a 24V supply for a while

Adaptor outputs are mostly not that stable, but can vary as they are loaded, better take an adapter with higher voltage (12 - 24V) as 9 volts is the minimum voltage.

Thanks for the replies, I have now connected a 15V adapter to it and will test with that for a couple of days to see if there is any improvements.

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