Fibaro smart implant input alarm reset

Hi there,

I use a Fibaro Smart implant for setting and unsetting my burglar alarm witch works fine.
But in the Homey app, the input 2 alarm warning keeps lit, although the warning is 3 month old and I don’t know what triggered it.
Does anyone know how to reset this?

I’e the same problem, I could resolve it only detaching the device from his connector and connect it again.

Hi Andrea, thanks for your reply. I tried detaching the connector. Unfortunately this didn’t help for me. I also disconnected the power supply for a few hours, this didn’t help either. I think it is a memory value in the app itself that is being kept.

I had this problem once with a Fibaro Motion Sensor. I had to exclude and include the sensor to delete the alarm status.
Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of work. :frowning:

Rim, have you resolved your issue yet? This alarm input on the Smart Implant seems to have some degree of magic associated with it. I have two smart implants set up. One works perfectly (after a lot of messing around - I still don’t really know how I got the first one to set the input but it does) but a second one which is set up identically will not set or reset the input.

If any one has any advice that would be appreciated.

Hi Peter, no unfortunately I have not been able to fix it yet. I will probably have to delete the smart implant and start all over to get rid of the alarm. But that is quite a lot of work. So I am still hoping for an answer from someone with the real solution.

Same can simply remove supply to the Fibaro implant. I unplug them and plug again

But mind the problem is not in the devices, they are working fine with my Zipato and my Vera installations…just with Homey they are not supported correctly