Fibaro smart implant help

I’ve created a door lock sensor with the following parts.

  • Alphatronics Schootcontact Inbouw in metalen behuizing.
  • fibaro door sensor v1


It works but the connection is not always stable its not zwave plus and it is battery powered.

So I would like to change it to something on a power supply and I came across the Fibaro smart implant.

Now I’m wondering if i can make it work with this device and if this is the correct way to go.

On the door sensor there must be no power, is this correct on the way I have it above?

And can somebody point me to a good power plug that i can use for this?

Anyone :slight_smile:

In this post you may find the solution.

What are you trying to achieve? Not sure why you would use a smart implant if you are not trying to switch anything.

I want to know when the door is closed based on the Alphatronics Schootcontact.

Right. So I’m assuming you have Homey. I wouldn’t use a Smart Implant to do that. Just get a simple Aeotec Door/Window sensor. No wires, no power supply etc.

@Peter_Bittner, but he wrote this in his first post.

If he has connection problems in that section, it’s also better for the mesh. So why not!?

@WouterV another option to solve the connection problems is to install an actuator/repeater nearby and continue using the sensor.
But of course I don’t know how your mesh is currently built, how many actuators/repeaters you use and so on.

In the end you have to try out which solution works for you.