Unifi Protect cannot show screenshot from UVC G3 micro

I have 2 cameras in my Unifi protect setup.
One G3-micro and one G3-pro.

The G3-pro works perfectly with screenshots and in flows, but as soon as I try to access the G3-micro from Homey the screen of my phone goes black and the app is inaccessable.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem, one G3-Micro and one G3-Pro camera. But my screen goes black when I access the G3-Pro camera, the G3-micro works.

Any solution for this?

So I gave up trying to get this natively. UniFi Protect can produce RTSP streams so I wrote some code to grab a frame and convert to a JPEG on demand. It’s posted to https://github.com/daviwil2/rtsp-to-jpeg. I run it on a Mac mini server but as long as you have ffmpeg installed, and node.js obvs, it should work fine.