Unifi Doorbel support

Is there a way to use the Unify Doorbel with Homey and e.g. switch on/off some light when somebody presses the ring-button?

I am using two unify doorbells with homey. I made a flow when somebody presses the doorbell i get a snapshot on my mobile phone, on my tablet and on my 3 google nest hubs. Just use the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect app.

And I just tried, yes its possible to let Homey switch on a lamp or an other device when someone rings the doorbell

Thanks Cielke for your response.
However, can you give a bit more detail?
I have my Unify doorbell installed and the camera part works great (even better/faster then the Protect app itself) but there is no signal for the ring.

What would you like to know, the flow for the snapshot or … ?
It may be a bit difficult to explain in English, I am Dutch :rofl:

Hello Cielke,
Don’t worry, dutch would be fine too.
But in the meantime I’ve got it working properly. I just looked at the wrong place as I was checking the devices in stead of the Unifi App. Over there I could the ring signal.
Anyway, thanks for your support; very much appreciated.

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