Ring Doorbell V2

I want to buy a RIng doorbell. Is Ring Video Doorbell V2 supported or has is to be Video Doorbell Pro??

I’m using ring doorbell v1 so guess v2 is supported also.

Yes it it supported

Working fine here

It supports motion detection alerts and doorbell alarms. Just no way to force a device to pickup the stream or something fancy like that (at least not that I found) :slight_smile:

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I know this function is requested on github. Someone was smart to mention the screenshots the ring app takes every once and a while. They might be reachable by the ring app for homey too.

Vers interesting.
How is the situation right now with ring or ring 2?

I just read about Doorbird; that fetches pictures now and then, doesn’t it? Is ring not doing something like that?

The ring app for homey now basicly let’s you add actions to the fact motion is detected or someone pressed the button. Simply put, all flow cards you can use are in the ‘if’ or first part of the flow editorYou can add the gongs, but cannot do anything with it, like change the volume or ringtone of the gong. This can be done with the official ring app.

I have the doorbell 2. Right now homey tells me when someone presses the button. Useless, the gong does the same and so does the ring app on my phone. I don’t know why i programmed this. A little more usefull is the fact the lantern on the balcony flashes when the doorbell button is pressed, so i know someone is at the door while i am enjoying the weather on the balcony.

This kind of stuff is possible with the ring app for homey. Live video, watching who was at the door 2 hours ago or even viewing periodic photo’s are not possible yet, but requested. Don’t know if it will be added someday.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions if needed


I don’t have a gong, or Ring Chime, so when somebody pushes the Ring button, we only get a notification on our phone.
I use the app to activate my Neo sirene, and turn on the light in the hallway when it’s after sunset.

So I find the app very useful :slight_smile:

I don’t know if any of this will ever be possible, as far as I’ve seen the Ring-api is closed so you can’t access those functions?

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Thanks for so many infos.
After my attempt to use the 5x2 wires from basement to the letterbox / bell by installing a cam and a wifi Sender and a speaker plus a couple of flows - I resigned.
So I am about to purchase a ring or nest or Doorbird or even an Intercom by fibaro - if only all functions are accessible via homey.

All i know is someone requested at least the option to do something with the static image captured every few minutes. I personally don’t see the use. The official Ring app for my phone works great and i don’t see why these things would need to come to homey.

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Very interested to know if it recognises the doorbell press or motion detection with the Video Doorbell Pro?


Yes it does.

maybe things like connecting a light in the hall when someone pusshes the RING at the doar or having a light outside turn on when motion is detected or a sound played when the doorbel is pushed. A number of options when connected to Homey

Yep, exactly how I am using it right now! :slight_smile:

Great for wanted AND unwanted visitors :yum:

same functions as I use with a remark that I didn’t have to buy a Ring for it but use a Xiaomi vibration sensor (7 euros) attached to the bell :slight_smile:

Yeah, probably works the same, but your vibration sensor doesn’t send you video of who’s at the door :smile:

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Question: my Ring v2 doesn’t want to connect to Homey (no devices found). Somehow I’m doing something wrong in the process. What are the steps?

SOLVED: User error.

Everything worked one for me but since 2 days the motion alarm trigger (de bewegingsmelder gaat aan) doesn’t work any more. The other alarm works one. Has anything changed??

Ring V2 should be fine. However Ring Pro does have more features though. You might want to checkout the delta between these two.