Ring Motion Enable not sticking

No recent post so I thought I would start a new one.

Has anyone had any recent issues with Ring on HP23.

Only recently, maybe with the last Homey Pro software release I’m finding that I need to enable motion detection on my Ring doorbell after every trigger. I enable it and it triggers my flow and switches on the porch lights. Then I need to enable it again otherwise it doesn’t work.

I think it is useful to search the ring thread for this problem and, if still necessary, describe your problems there.

Sorry for being a smartass sometimes. :wink:

Thanks. I don’t mind. I must be a bad searcher, I look for info but often don’t find it, or I just don’t know where to look.

When I need help with a particular app or device supported by Homey, I always check the app store first in the app legend to see if there is a corresponding thread in the forum.

Without this direct link, it’s also usually difficult for me to find something suitable via the search function.