Homey Blog "Take your smart home to the outdoors": Which Ring app is Homey using?

In the Homey blog post dated July 12, 2020 (link) a flow is shown how to trigger events based on when the doorbell rings.


I’m using the Ring app v2.3.0, but I don’t have the flow card shown in the blog post.

Does anybody know which app Homey is using?

The flow cards I have available for my Ring Doorbell Pro in the “When …” section is

  • The generic alarm is turned on
  • The generic alarm is turned off
  • The motion alarm is turned on
  • The motion alarm is turned off
  • The battery level changed

It should be mentioned that I have never gotten a flow to trigger on the “generic alarm” and only sporadically on the “motion alarm” flow cards.

I’m having the same problem. Is it solved yet? Or is there no support for the Ring doorbell Pro?

You could work-around this with IFTTT, works pretty good here.

Athom just released their official Ring app, which has this flow card.