Ring (doorbell/cameras) mode change

Hi there
Since a few months Ring is offering a « mode » feature that will change recording/notifications depending on the option selected (off/home/away).
It would be great to be able to change the mode in a flow ?
Is there any way to do it @denniedegroot ?

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@denniedegroot I would also like to have the mode change option built in.

Did you guys figure this out? Is it possible to set mode through Homey?

Hi there… not really
On my side I am using Alexa routines as a gateways between Homey Flows and Ring Alarm. It does the trick

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Ah, so you can trigger an Alexa routine through a homey flow (ie all people have left the home).

I have never used Alexa, so maybe a dumb questions. :man_facepalming::slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting how do you trigger Alexa routine from homey?

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Hi there,
In Alexa you can setup a routine triggered by a change in Ring Alarm mode and then add homey flows in the actions