Unable to add zigbee device

Hi yall,

New homey user here trying to add a zigbee device (ikea parasoll, E27 bulb) but I get this screen.

What am I doing wrong?


You’re not doing anything wrong, this is one of the issues that Homey’s have with Zigbee. Usually a PTP will solve it.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Ok, PTP didn’t work. I pulled the plug and let it sit for >10 mins. Trying to “reset network” for Zigbee at Homey Developer Tools it says:


Any other ideas?


You are on HP2023 ? I would try to update to latest firmware - if OTA will not work (or you are already on latest), try the USB method.

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Hi Sharkys, thanks for you help. I updated last night to 11.0.0 but still no Zigbee.

Any other thoughts on this?


Since it’s new (?) I would suggest contacting the seller, since it sounds like it might be broken.

Ok, just making sure this is not something I can fix myself.

Will contact the seller, Thanks!

I don’t see any comment on the USB method / firmware…

Oh I missed that, I only though you meant that I should try to update to the latest ver. I will try your suggestion tomorrow. Thanks Sharkys!