Can't add new Zigbee Devices after 5.0 update, especially IKEA Tradfri bulbs

Hi guys,

hope you’re all doing well. I really appreciate the community and I have learned a lot by reading through different threads when I was setting up Homey last year.

SInce the 5.0 update I’ve had major issues adding new zigbee devices. My house zigbee devices is mostly made up by IKEA Tradfri bulbs and controls, aqara motion sensors, aqara vibration sensors, aqara temperature sensors and some other devices.

Since the update I can still add the motion sensors for example, but I cant add any IKEA Tradfri Bulbs or temperature sensors which is a major issue for me as I have like 10 new bulbs that needs to be connected.

I’ve tried to restart all the apps, I’ve downgraded and upgraded Homey, I have the latest update of Homey.

Dont really know what to do and how to solve this issue.

All the Zigbee devices that was previously added work well. I have 72 zigbee devies atm.

Seeing you have plenty of devices I might assume you weren’t keen on doing a full zigbee reset with V5 firmware? That is a last resort option because you’ll need to add all Zigbee devices again and fix all your flows, but it did help a lot of others, including me, fix these kind of problems. You can also pick a diffferent Zigbee channel then that sits well with wifi routers in your neighborhood. Changing chanels may be possible on a running Zigbee network, but that is device dependent.

So for the other options to try first: Adding a device list is really helpful, so thanks. It seems like you added enough routers before adding sensors, so that in itself is ok. But still it looks like a lot of devices connect straight to Homey, which is limited to around 15. The rest must go through routers.

Aqara sensors are really reluctant to change their initial route though, so I think your problem is that direct connections are full. You do own a lot of Zigbee, so you may be running into limits as routers are also limited in how many they will route for, and also the amount of router “hops” is limited. A hue bridge will max out at 50 devices before you need an extra bridge, and you are over that.

Are you still pairing devices close to Homey (the firmware V4 advice) or in the place they re intended (strongly advised for V5 and onward)? Far away may work better in your case.

There’s also a trick that seemed to work for me if pairing through other routers isn’t working: Shortly after a Homey PTP I have at times more success pairing. I’m no expert, but The way I imagine it is that as after a reboot not all direct connected devices have communicated with Homey yet, so not all slots in the Zigbee chip for direct connections are in use, so it wil pair directly too.

After pairing the devices will need to find alternative routes when direct connections are all full again, but for me that happened on its own.

Hi @Edwin_D ,

thanks for you quick response.

Yeah exactly, not that keen on doing a full zigbee reset. But ill do that in worst case scenario.

I have tried to both pair close to Homey and connecting far away from it. Neither works. But doing a PTP and then trying to add asap is a good idea that might work. Ill try that!

I already tried to change Zigbee channel, but after about 30 seconds I get a small red popup on the left bottom corner saying “Network request failed”. Don’t know why that is happening.

Ill also try out to unpair a couple of the devices that are directly connected to Homey and see if that will help to connect new devices.

Thanks a lot for your answer, ill come back with my results soon.