Can't add Ikea ZigBee device to homey bridge

Hello guys,
I just bought homey bridge. Adding ZigBee device by aquara and wifi device by yeelight is without any prob. But problems start when I start trying to add ZigBee device by ikea (dimmable bulbs, ZigBee plug a Ikea remote control). It seem my bridge can’t find any of them. Even with Ikea app and also as any ZigBee device. Just can’t find them.
I tried restart wifi router, restart homey bridge, delete all ZigBee device and delete homey bridge and try to first add Ikea device. Nothing works.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

Same problem here, I got them to be added by resetting zigbee network from Under the Zigbee panel.
But I agree the zigbee parring process on the bridge is broken

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Thanks a lot!!!
Finally works :slight_smile:

Hello Matej. I´m waiting for my bridge to arrive and om confused about wifi product support. You wrote that you added a wifi device by yeelight without any problem. Does the bridge support wifi products? I can´t find any information about the wifi support. They wrote no support for Local Wifi but what is that?


Hey Magnus.
You will add your wifi device thru specific app. If it’s supported by homey. Xiaomi yeelights u can add without any prob.

Homey bridge cannot not be used for devices using local networks / wifi. The wifi is only to connect the bridge to the web using your wifi setup.
The Yeelights mentioned earlier by @Matej_Satransky communicate via cloud-2-cloud or Bluetooth, NOT via WIFI.
Here’s an overview, to be found at

Well, the devices connect to the cloud using WiFi, which is I think where the confusion starts for some people.

“Local Wi-Fi” means devices that are controlled directly over the local network. In other words, where Homey would communicate with the device on the local network instead of Homey communicating with a cloud server (typically from the device manufacturer) which in turn communicates with the device.

The former isn’t possible with Homey Bridge. The latter is potentially possible, but would always require a specific app for the brand/device.

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It certainly is confusing Robert! Thanks for explaining.