Unable to add 2 IKEA lamps (stoftmoln) that is connected on the same lightswitch

I have 2 STOFTMOLN lamps that are connected to the same lightswitch. Which mean when resetting by turning switch on/off 6 times, will always reset both lamps.

I am trying to connect lamps to Homey Pro, but Homey only finds 1 lamp when adding product even though they both go into “sync mode” at the same time.
Has anyone managed to solve this? I would like to not go into electritian mode, and unconnect 1 lamp in order to to be able to add them to Homey. Can Homey Pro not find multiple products at the same time? The IKEA Home Smart app manages to get it working.

  1. Resetting lamps, in homey app Add new device, IKEA STOFTMOLN lamp
  2. Both lamps blinks the same pattern
  3. App finds device and connects it
    But only lamp is added. Yet the lamps blinked the exact same pattern so I wonder if behind the scenes actually both lamps are connected to the Homey Pro, but I cannot see the device in the app.

I tried resetting again and connecting lamps again. This time it says the unit is already added. Lamps still blinks the same pattern at the same time. But still only the one lamp added in the app.

In the IKEA Smart Home app it seems that on the Second reset it manages to find the second lamp.

Homey can only pair one Zigbee device at a time.

The only way you might be able to do this without disconnecting one of the lamps from power is to first remove the one that’s already paired from Homey, then start the pairing process in Homey, toggle the switch 6 times, pair the first lamp and when that’s done immediately start the pairing process in Homey again for the second lamp. Make sure to not toggle the switch again.

Hopefully the second lamp will stay in pairing mode long enough for the second pairing process to find it.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately it does not work.
This is what I mean when I said that the lamps show the same blinking pattern, which indicates that they both got paired. Event thought the app only shows one.
So no, unfortunately the second lamp is not still in pairing mode (even thought I agree with you, it should be) when the first lamp is paired.
This is super annoying…

How could I get intouch with Homey support for them to look into this issue? Since the IKEA app can manage, the Homey App should also be able to manage.

I think this is the only way then:

  1. remove light 2
  2. pair light 1
  3. remove light 1
  4. Put light 2 back
  5. pair light 2
  6. Put light 1 back
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You can start here: Support | Homey

But this issue has existed for years, so don’t hold your breath. Homey’s Zigbee implementation just is very basic compared to others.

Thanks for the update.

Yes, I was hoping that I did not have to do electrician work.
There is however a shorter process: (For anyone reading this in the future with the same problem)

  1. Pair lamp 1 (when both are connected)
  2. Disconnect lamp 1
  3. Pair lamp 2
  4. Connect lamp 1 back