Ikea - Zigbee implementation (association)

Guys, you that have ikea bulbs and know how things works in IKEA world. I was looking at way Ikea hub is working. To my understanding you associate controller (rotating dimmer or simple on/off switch) to the bulb. Then you somehow associate or duplicate that dimmer to the Ikea hub (application).

I somehow understood it’s possible to have dimmer directly associated to the bulb but also to have it somehow in the ikea app. Am I mistaken about the above?

Your device has to be able to handle associations. You can check that at the advanced settings from the device. If there are no associations into these settings it is not possible. If there are settings, you can associate those devices without the need of a controller(Homey).

I also asume(need my fellow forum members for checking this) a hub is not nescessary for association.

You do need Homey or a hub to set up the associations once.

So, Ikea has a way to:

  1. Pair steering device to the bulb
  2. Pair a steering device to another (second) steering device
  3. Now lights can be controlled by both steering devices

Can I have Ikea bulbs paired with steering device + homey at the same time? So, in case Homey is down steering device still works.

From Ikea page:

Steering devices

I can’t get two steering devices to control the same group of lights at the same time.

To get two steering devices to control the same group of lights, make sure that you have one steering device that is controlling the desired lights and one steering device that is reset to factory settings (factory reset). Then hold the two devices no more than 2cm away from each other and press and hold the pairing buttons on both devices at the same time for 10 seconds. The red pairing light on the steering devices will indicate when the pairing is successful and then it will be possible to control the same lights with both devices.

For me this is guessing. Hope fellow members know the answer. I assume when you reset a bulb to factory settings and it was already added to Homey you still can handle the individual bulbs. So if Homey is down, ikea bulbs still work with the steering device.

This is only possible in the so called “Light Link” part of zigbee, which Homey doesn’t support (yet?)

Homey only uses “Home Automation” and under this protocol/part that is not possible, so no way, for now, that you can couple a light bulb to a dimmer AND Homey, it is either/or

Uf, I really do hope Athom will fix (implement) this as without it for me it’s like deal breaker in zigbee which is pity indeed.

I’m grateful for the explanation.