Unable to access devices that are added to the Alexa app

I’ve tried multiple times to get these devices to show in my Homey Pro. I’m day 3 in trying to get this connected and have just hit a wall. The main device Im trying to add are powered blinds. These are zigbee devices. I have alexas throughout the house to be in range of the blinds so I can control these in any room. I have connected these blinds to alexa with discovery in the app. They appear there and I can control them. I was under the assumption that when I click the alexa app in homey I’d see these devices and could add/control these from Homey. I do see all of the Alexa’s that I have in the house and some switchbot curtain controllers but not the powered blinds. Does anyone know of a workaround or am I just setting this up incorrectly?

If they don’t appear if you try to add a device using the Alexa app and buttons under the “Wall Plug” section then you can control your blinds using routines.

Add any of your Alexas to Homey. You can then use the Alexa app Then card: “Your alexa device will trigger the xxx routine”.