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Adding Alexa zigbee devices to Homey

Use case - now some Alexa devices have a Zigbee aerial I want to add some zigbee lights from each room via Homey and some via Alexa. This gives redundancy should either Alexa or Homey breakdown. Also it easily extends the zigbee network to places Homey won’t reach.
Not sure which app should be updated but I suspect it is the Alexa app rather than the Alexa skill.
Can others see the value of this? Is it possible?

If you add Zigbee devices to Alexa, you’re creating a completely separate Zigbee network. It will not extend Homey’s Zigbee network, nor will Homey be aware of those devices.

Thanks Robert.

I am aware of that.

I am hoping the Alexa Homey App could maybe recognise devices linked to Alexa and therefore control them.

I have just read that I can use the Alexa Homey App to fire off an Alexa routine and that routine could control the lights but I haven’t been able to make this work as yet.