Homey does not add the new devices to Alexa

I have a Homey Pro 2023, which I connected to Alexa with its skill.
When I activated the skill Alexa correctly recognized all the devices already in Homey. But, in the following days, I noticed that the new devices I added later to Homey were not automatically connected to Alexa.
So I tried disabling the Homey skill on the Alexa app and then re-enabling it again. This way Alexa correctly recognized all devices, even the new ones it had not added before.

Now, however, I added more devices and they were not automatically added to Alexa. I don’t want to deactivate and then reactivate the skill again because I have so many devices and every time, doing this, they have to be reconfigured all over again on Alexa (put in the correct room, created the groups, reprogrammed all the routines that used them) and it’s really annoying.

Do you have any ideas? Can anyone help me out? Does this happen to anyone?
Thank you all