Homey devices in alexa - are they available?

Hi, I have seen that the Homey skill for alexa should allow you to trigger homey devices directly from alexa, however no devices appear ( I am trying to control somfy blinds).

Currently I am having to use the IFTTT as a workaround. Are devices not available to Alexa directly one the skill has been enabled?

It’s possible to use the Homey devices on Alexa when you installed the skill.
But I have noticed only lamps and switches are useable and no other devices.

Thermostats are possible, too.
For devices, Alexa can’t use, you could define a virtual switch and assign flows for on/off to the switch state. Then you can use this switch in Alexa.
You can define a name for it to say “Alexa, switch on [switch name]”.